Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Marble Falls, TX

Dental implants are a long-term dental solution that can replace a missing tooth or missing teeth. They can significantly enhance your smile, as they blend seamlessly with your teeth, creating a natural-looking result. In many ways, dental implants are perceived as a cosmetic dentistry procedure because they improve the appearance of your smile. 

But don’t be fooled! Dental implants could offer much more than a better-looking smile. They can avoid many health complications when they are used appropriately. Did you know you could use implants to preserve your overall dental health? We always advise our patients in Marble Falls about the many benefits they could gain from dental implants. More often than not, it can pay to favor dental implants over other dental procedures. Here is why implants can make a huge difference to your dental health. 


Dental implants protect your remaining teeth

When you lose a tooth, it creates a gap in your mouth. Over time, the gap can cause the remaining teeth to shift. As a result, someone who has straight and aligned teeth could gradually experience an uncomfortable change in alignment. Your teeth can get misaligned, which creates a crooked smile. Misaligned teeth are more than an aesthetic issue. They make it hard to reach out around your mouth when you’re brushing your teeth. You become more likely to miss areas where dental plaque can build up. In the long term, a gap in your smile will lead to tooth decay, which can put your remaining teeth at risk. 

In other words, if you have a missing tooth, you will need to consider filling up the gap as quickly as possible to avoid any misalignment complications. 


Dental implants keep your jawbone strong

Many of our patients in Marble Falls, Texas, don’t realize that their jawbone health is tightly connected to their dental health. Indeed, when you lose a tooth, in essence, it creates a gap not only above the gum but also in your jawbone where the tooth was attached. Unfortunately, tooth loss is related to a loss in the jawbone structure. In medical terms, we call it jawbone atrophy. It is a frequent occurrence that accompanies tooth loss. If the jawbone isn’t stimulated for regrowth, patients could lose further teeth. Dental implants can provide the necessary stimulation to strengthen your jawbone. 

Additionally, you can also avoid alarming complications that develop when your jaw muscles lose their strength. This happens as people feel less confident about chewing and biting food. The implants can preserve your teeth and jaw structure. 


Dental implants help you regain natural speech

Your teeth control the airflow and the movement of your tongue when you speak. A gap can affect your tongue motions in the mouth, making it hard to create specific sounds. Additionally, when the airflow changes, you might find yourself more likely to develop mild speech impairments. Your teeth help to create sounds and control and coordinate the muscles and motions used during speech. 

It might not sound like much, but when you can’t speak as you used to, you rapidly feel isolated. It can affect not only your mental health but also your career and your relationships. 


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