Dentist in Marble Falls, Texas

Dr. HarrisHere in Marble Falls, TX, we are a dental practice that is proud to serve the local community. Our mission is to serve the local area by providing members of the Marble Falls community and also the surrounding Hill Country area with a fully comprehensive dental care plan. We want to give our patients gentle guidance in a comfortable and relaxing environment. From routine cleanings to complex rehabilitative and restorative dentistry, we will always use the best techniques and materials available and strive to provide the best dental experience possible to our patients.

Main Street Dental Center can take care of all of your dentistry needs if you are local to Marble Falls, TX. We can offer cosmetic procedures that include treatments such as teeth whitening, Invisalign, dental crowns and cosmetic bonding. But we also focus on being your dentist in Marble Falls, TX that can provide preventative dentistry such as Oral cancer screening, family dentistry appointments and checkups, and things like ultrasonic cleanings. Finally, we are able to offer restorative procedures that include teeth extraction, dental implants and root canal treatments. This means that we are a fully comprehensive dental practice that can handle many of your dental needs in one place.

Marble Falls, Texas

We have a dental practice in Marble Falls, TX, and we are proud to serve the local communities within it, and the surrounding Hill Country area. You can easily access the dental practice by car as we are off the main road routes that include Avenue H. There are plenty of places to park your car, that gives you the security of knowing that you can easily attend your appointment in good time. You might also find that there are local transport links that include a train station which is about 40 minutes away. You can take a taxi from the station if needed. There are also many different bus routes and other options to consider. 

In the local vicinity, you will find plenty of shops and places to eat, meaning that your trip to the dentist does not need to be a wasted journey. There are also local parks such as Johnson Park and Lakeside Park for you to enjoy while you are in the Marble Falls area. Marble Falls is certified in recognition of being a film-friendly community by the Texas film community, so you may find that some of the streets and locations are familiar. With a fantastic  local golf course, and attractions such as galleries and museums, this small town really packs a punch for local residents. 

If you want to discuss more of your needs when it comes to dentistry, either from a cosmetic point of view or just to focus more on your checkups, then you can get in touch with us by calling 830-798-0844, or by emailing